A Hallowed Hamartia | Sadie Foster

its funny how when our own sun is bright.. we can only see ours.. but once our sun is gone.. we see thousands and thousands of other suns through out universe.  Understanding more.. and ultimately understanding more of ourselves.
revealing purity of heart and soul.

that in the end leaves us feeling filled with gratitude,
just to have been able to  experience all those hardships that have given us the so-called fertilizer 
that we needed to bloom into the unique and beautiful individual that we are
with all our own unique perspectives and way of living.

​These keys are found everywhere in life. 
They are found in the beautiful eyes of a child,
in a hug from some one you love, 
in making love, 
in creating your dreams, 
and in your passions, love, and adventures.
But they also reside hidden in your pain,
your saddness, greif, anger and so on..
waiting to be found,
and waiting to set you free.

These keys are all worth the find.

She is perspicacious, ingenious: she binds intelligence and originality together with genius. She likes literature, especially fiction. She is spontaneous in her friendships and knows how to take advantage of the situations that arise.

Mars in VIII

Sexually very powerful, she is also capable of tremendous focus and hard work. Sexually intense and deep. Is adept at professions requiring research, strategy, uncovering truths, and analysis. Arguments may occur over inheritance.

124 Sextile Mars - Saturn

She is energetic and determined. She has strength and resistance, ability and patience: she is tough, and sometimes insensitive, and puts all her energy and talents into overcoming all the obstacles to her success. She is obstinate, calculating, does not take on anything without having thought of all the possible consequences, she can take all the time in the world and never loses patience to achieve her objectives. She is not particularly popular in her circle, but is feared and respected.

24 Trine Mars - Pluto

She is ambitious, has a great capacity for work, has self-confidence and goes to the end of her plans.

Saturn in Capricorn

She is scrupulous, honest, correct, worthy and respectable.

Weaknesses: melancholy, sullenness, disappointment and bitterness.

Saturn in VI

She is a worker, very steady in all she does. She likes precision, method. She is serious and likes continuity at work. She can focus on a job in the medical field, where she will probably be successful, as she possesses all the necessary qualities.

Uranus represents individual liberty, egoistic liberty.

On matters of health, she is the kind of person who keeps up with the ever changing views of health experts. However she is more than likely to adopt some unique views of her own that differ from what the "experts" are saying.

In our dark corners within where we hide our flaws.. our Hamartia's.. our sins.. 
in those places that we are often afraid to go, 
therein lies the keys to our most beautiful and powerful personal evolution,
and if held hallowed -- We can bring Light and Empowerment unto ourselves.

In truth these keys are to be found everywhere. 
They are in the innocent eyes of a child,
in a loving touch, 
in making love and in living your dreams. 
In the quietness of being alone, in the wind playing through your hair, in the sunshine, and in the rain. 

And yet they are also found in your pain, saddness, greif, anger and so on..
All waiting to be found, and waiting to unlock the door
that leads to your inner freedom and so much more.

These keys are all worth the find...
Awaiting to unlock your true and unhindered beauty within to shine from within.​
​Like we're all meant to be.


This is Me. My Name is Sadie Foster.
I live for beauty, and through my joyous and also painful times, I have come to know.. that beauty lies in all different forms, In the Creation and in the Destruction we all go through in life. Beauty is a constant if we only allow ourselves to see it.

My Insights and Perceptions,
My Philosophies and Daydreams... 
living life, striving to understand,
& Seeking Transcendence within.

By facing our fears and looking them in the eye..
and with some inner work we are able unlock a part of ourselves.. 

​​A few rules to follow concerning rivers is that they always flow downhill and never branch except when near a body of water. Because they nourish the soil around them and provide a method of transportation, settlements will often form around them. Trade can flow easily around rivers and people travel with them leading people further afield.

I created this blog for the people whom crave to see beyond the normal facades of day to day life.. and into the depths and beauty that lies within everything. for the people whom choose to see the world around as a poetic story.
This blog is for the people who want to embrace healing, and their true selves of light and dark. 
.for the people whom want to embrace deeper parts of themselves. and to see the true beauty of the world. people who want healing,
For people whom want to love themselves fully and wholly, and for people whom want to bring light into this world. 
The journey of growth is never ending.  
Lets join together, share our stories.. 

We are all humans with our natural ways... natural elements within us.  
We all have this rain within us.. and sometimes we need not to resist but to welcome it with open arms.

Crying to me is a sign of Strength. Having the courage to release the pain within.. the courage to surrender!
To surrender to the storm. 
Most of us these days have so many walls of protection built up around us..
we are not even aware of the storms that have been wanting to be released.
it is little storms.. little rain drizzles if release when needed.. 
or it is a gigantic storm of an earthquake when held off for too long.
of detachment and a lack of compassion for ourselves and others..

We all have our smaller selves within us, and sometimes all they want to hear.. 
is that everything is okay, and they are safe to feel.
My name is Sadie Foster. This home looks beautiful, and I would love to know more about it. 
Well first I'd love to tell you a little about me. I am 26 years old and I have lived in Grass Valley for almost three years, with my partner Noam whom has lived there for almost 9 years now. We both love this area for all it brings the beauty and the serenity of the outdoors, and we love the community. As a profession I am a massage therapist and I am also a writer. My Partner is a Musician, and together we are also working in house flipping with our families in LA. We are both well of economically.  We would both love to come and see this house.
I would also love to see more pictures if available.. and also know a little bit more about the property. 
Thank you so much for your time. 
- Hope to speak with you soon,

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